Date of Incident: 01/21/11

Time: 6:36 p.m.

Location: Jared Jewelry, 5802 Sky Pond Drive Loveland, CO

Suspect Information: On 01/21/2011 at approximately 6:36 p.m., the Jared Jewelry Store located at 5802 Sky Pond Drive was robbed by four suspects. One of the suspects was armed with a semi auto black pistol and the other three were armed with blunt objects, possibly rubber mallets. The suspect with the gun held the store employees at gun point, while the other three smashed the display cabinets that contained only high end loose diamonds and rings. These cabinets were specifically sought by the suspects and no other jewelry in the store was stolen. The suspect with the gun was the only suspect that spoke during the robbery and told his partners in crime “let’s go, let’s go.” According to the store employees, the suspect voice sounded Hispanic.

All four suspects wore masks, gloves and dark clothing. They were inside the store for approximately one minute and were able to steal approximately $335,000 worth of diamonds and rings.