The owner of a Fort Collins car dealership that had three vehicles stolen off its lot last month is taking his cause to track down the perpetrators to YouTube and is offering a $500 reward to anyone with information about the incident that leads to an arrest.

Adnan Sheikh, owner of Mr. Auto located at 835 Riverside Ave., posted surveillance video on YouTube depicting the thieves breaking into the dealership through a window, taking keys and then stealing two cars from off the lot.

A third car is stolen after one of the thieves crashed a 2006 Chevy Silverado less than a mile away from the dealership, according to police. The thief is then shown walking back into the dealership and stealing a third car, a 2004 Chevy Impala.

Throughout the video, Sheikh offers commentary describing the action.

“The first thing this guy does is he walks to the back and steals some roles of quarters. Real professional here,” Shiekh says on the video describing the first thief to enter the dealership.

Describing the actions of the second thief, who is trying to open the front door to the dealership from inside, Sheikh says, “this guy can’t figure out how to open a door when all it really is is a dead bolt. Real genius, real pro.”

Moments later Sheikh describes the second thief again trying to open the front door to leave and says “still can’t open the door so these guys have to keep climbing in and out of this window. Super smart.”

A camera depicting the Riverside Avenue and Myrtle Street intersection shows one of the thieves struggling to drive off in the Silverado, which is soon crashed nearby.

According to Fort Collins police Detective Wes Haynes the Impala is still missing but a 2007 Jeep Liberty was found “completely burned” in the Poudre Canyon near Rustic. The Liberty was found at County Road 69 and Forrest Service Road 225.

Haynes said anyone with information about the incident should call him at (970) 221-6577.

“If you know or have any information leading to these guys please give me a call,” Sheikh said in the video before telling viewers to call him at either (970) 310-3420 or (970) 222-6631. “If we catch these guys with your lead or recover our cars you will receive a $500 cash reward.”