NFCBA Members and Interested Parties:

Below is the weekly crime report from Officer Johnson. STAY DILIGENT!!!!

Thanks, Officer Johnson, for keeping us all informed.

Greg Woods
Communications Director

Here is the weekly crime update for the NFCBA members for 050207 to 050807.

Commercial burglary: One report in north Fort Collins on Linden Street.

It appears that the suspects were after computer parts and miscellaneous items of value. They gained entry through a small sliding window on the side of the building. Just another reminder to secure your business and be alert for suspicious folks in the area: As always, please feel free to call or email me if you would like me to come out and discuss business security with you.

Residential Burglary: No reports this week.

Vehicle Trespass: Five reports in north Fort Collins this week. Four
occurred in Downtown, one in the area of Waterglen. Most of these appear to be crimes of opportunity where cars are unlocked with valuable property in sight. Please lock your cars and secure your valuables.

Vehicle Theft: Three reports in north Fort Collins this week. One was a Dodge Truck which seems to be highly sought after by thieves and the others were miscellaneous vehicles. Two of the thefts were reported in the area of Waterglen and one at Conifer and Renegade. If you own a Dodge Truck, take some extra precautions.

Thanks for your help out there!

Matt Johnson FC160
District One Officer
Fort Collins Police Services