A man reportedly offered a middle school student $500 to get in his vehicle near Ninth and Locust streets in Windsor on Wednesday afternoon (Sept 2, 2015).

She refused and went home to report the incident. Law enforcement is investigating the incident and is searching for the suspect’s vehicle, that is described as a blue or brown “boxy” van with tinted windows, according to a Windsor school district news release.
This is the second incident in Windsor this week involving strangers asking students to get in their cars.
A man and woman reportedly tried to entice an elementary school student into their vehicle as the student was walking home from a friend’s house in the Windsor West neighborhood about 5:30 p.m. Monday night. The student described that vehicle as an older-model, boxy, four-door tan sedan that may have resembled a Buick or Lincoln.
“They motioned for her to get her into the vehicle as well as displayed money for her to come with them. She refused and safely ran home,” the district wrote. This incident is also under investigation.
The school district noted that in both cases, “the children responded appropriately by getting away from the stranger and informing a trusted adult.” School staff will be “functioning under heightened awareness and are taking appropriate precautions,” the news release said.