On September 6, 2016 at approximately 4:00 a.m., the Loveland Police Department received a call from
a resident in the 400 block of 23rd Street SW. The caller said that he woke up and saw a man leaving his

Loveland police officers were dispatched to the home. While the officers were responding to the
home, the Department received another call from a different home a few houses away. The second caller
said he heard someone walking through his house. The caller didn’t see him. The man left the house.
When officers arrived, one officer saw a suspicious car driving in the area. The officer lost sight of the
vehicle for a moment. When she located the vehicle again, it was unoccupied and the windows were
down with keys in the ignition.

The officer believed the occupants had fled into a nearby field. The responding officers set up a perimeter and called for a Loveland police K-9. The K-9 completed a track from the car into the field and located two suspects hiding in the weeds north of Good Samaritan Retirement Village.

The two suspects were arrested and later transported to the Larimer County Jail where they are being
held for:
1. Travis Murray – DOB 121882
a. Two counts of Burglary of a Dwelling – Class 3 felonies
b. An unrelated arrest warrant
2. Jonathan Shreeves – DOB 072483
a. Two counts of Burglary of a Dwelling – Class 3 felonies
This case is still under investigation. Investigators believe the two have entered through open garage
doors, unlocked homes, and vehicles. Additionally, the investigators think that the two suspects
committed additional burglaries last night or this morning. We are seeking the public’s assistance.
Anyone with information regarding this incident or any related crime is asked to call Detective Brian
Koopman at 970-962-2248.