On July 2, 2015 at approximately 12:34 am Loveland Police officers responded to the 300 block of North Cleveland Avenue on the report of a suspicious man. The woman who called said the man followed her on foot and in a vehicle. She called from her vehicle while evading the man and was able to escape him during the phone call. Officers looked for the man and his vehicle but were unable to locate him. The vehicle was described as a dark, mid-sized SUV. The man was described as a young (college-aged), tall Caucasian.

At approximately 2:47 am Loveland Police officers responded to 1365 West 29th Street for the report of a sexual assault. A woman was behind the building when she was physically and sexually assaulted by a lone male attacker. The woman fought back, the man disengaged, ran east to his vehicle, and left in an SUV that matched the description of the SUV in the earlier incident.

The attacker in the later incident is described as a 6’00”, Caucasian male in his late 20s, with a thick build, and short, light-brown hair. (See attached sketch)

Members of the public who have information related to either of the above described incidents are asked to call Detective Denise Dean at 970-962-2258.

Loveland Police Department Sketch 15-5133