On March 7th at approximately 0230 hours Loveland police officers responded to 105 E 37th Street (7-11) on a reported robbery. When officers arrived, they spoke with four juvenile males who relayed the following:

The boys (14 and 15 years old) were west of Garfield and north of 37th street in a bank parking lot. They were approached by two men who told them to stop and asked them what they were doing. One of the men (suspect #1) identified himself verbally as a law enforcement agent and told the boys to accompany him to the 7-11. The suspects never displayed credentials. Suspect #1 asked Suspect #2 to check around the bank for broken glass. He left and that was the last the boys saw of him. While talking to them, suspect #1took a wallet and a cell phone from one of the boy. Suspect #1was last seen walking eastbound from the 7-11 toward 37th Street and Elder Drive.

Suspect #1 – See accompanying photos- Hispanic male with a prominent scar near his chin wearing the clothes seen in the photographs.

Suspect #2 – Black male approximately 30 years old wearing a black beanie, black sweat pants and a grey hoodie.

Anyone with information regarding these suspects or this criminal investigation is asked to call the Loveland Police Department Tip Line at 970-962-2032.LovelandRob2 LovelandRob