On 3/16/15 at approximately 16:01, the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department (LCSO) notified the Loveland Police Department about a police impersonation case that happened at a residence in the 1600 Block of Jo Ann Ct. A deputy from LCSO asked for a Loveland Police Officer to respond.

The residents had reported to the LCSO Dispatch that a male subject had come to their house and said he was an investigator with LCSO. The impersonator said that he was looking for some family members of the people who lived at the residence. He was wearing civilian type clothing. He had a badge on a necklace. The male was described as being in his 50’s, approximately 5’ 9”, brown with gray hair and a beard. The male was seen driving a gold/orange box type car or small SUV.

The LCSO deputy checked with neighboring law enforcement agencies to see if the impersonator was from a different agency. The agencies said that the description of the male didn’t match any of their employees.

Anyone with additional information about this incident is encouraged to call Detective Chris Kamoske at 970-962- 2032.